About Us

About Us

 A bi-annual scientific journal dealing with the chronicle of the Prophet (PBUH&HF) and its literature, issued by Darul Rasool Al-Adham [House of the Great Messenger (PBUH&HF)] of Directorate of Al-Abbas Shrine, in three languages: Arabic, English, and French.

Darul Rasool Al-Adham [House of the Great Messenger (PBUH&HF)]  is an institutional body that defines the self and the other with the person of the Greatest Messenger and that documents all the relevant literature to be used in terms of benefiting, correcting, qualifying, preaching and developing.


  The vision is to alleviate the awareness, in the world, of the Great Messenger (PBUH&HF) and his message to reconcile the Islamic community by activating the mercy that is represented by Messenger's honorable presence and to strengthen human bonds between the Islamic communities and others by activating the space of (all) associated with his message.


Attracting mindful, competent researchers with a high level of awareness of the outstanding prophetic chronicle and the message to reread the chronicle in an objective way that is based on the reliable sources, producing intellectual, cultural and creative outputs, raising self-awareness, and introducing others to the Messenger (PBUH&HF) and his message.


Convergence of Islamic groups by activating the unity of the prophetic discourse to be an approach for the unification of Islamic discourse.

- Correcting the views of the other and the opposite by presenting studies (paper or digital, intellectual or cultural, scientific or creative) and the like.

- Utilizing the legacy of the Messenger (PBUH&HF) in the Islamization of sciences and knowledge (i.e. making the Islamic theory the main umbrella for guiding scientific and cognitive research) as well as the Islamization of the philosophy of science.

- Rereading the legacy of the Noble Messenger (PBUH&HF) and his message to be base for the various studies (research, books, encyclopedias ... etc.) that can participate in compiling a worldwide specialized library that contains all the details about the Messenger's (PBUH&HF) personality and his message.

- Training missionaries of researchers in institutes and colleges in their various stages (at the under and postgraduate levels) and providing facilitations to attract them and help them pursue what they aspire to regard the Messenger (PBUH&HF) and his message.

Scientific Projects

- The project "Reading the Prophetic Chronicle according to the People of Hadith": Rereading the chronicle of the Prophet according to the standards of the People of Hadith in terms of the logic of the authenticity and the logic of the text to conclude a reliable chronicle.

- Project of Digital Chronicle: providing videos, clips, and reportages to introduce the Messenger (PBUH&HF) and his message in a modern and universal language that is broadcasted via social media or a special YouTube channel, or via satellite channels or the CDs.

- Project (Chronicle of the Prophet (PBUH&HF) through the Holy Quran): It is to write the Prophet’s chronicle through the Holy Quran, as a reliable and agreed-upon source by all Muslim factions as it is reliable in terms of religion, thought, and vision.