In this study, we seek to show the features of the Quranic and prophetic experience in constructing the society. This method sheds light on the principles and perspectives that formulate a system of spiritual thoughts and concepts, cultural aspects,

Praise be to the Lord of the worlds, and His prayers be upon the best of His creation, Muhammed,

and his pure infallible Household.

Today, the Islamic nation is in grave need of redirecting its compass toward the goal that was

appointed by the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household). The goal is to become “the

best of nations”. This cannot be realized unless we make a correct reading of the past and the

reasons behind the goals the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household) had appointed in

the two allegiances of Aqaba.

  • - Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdul Zahra Jasim Al-Khafaji
  • - The Islamic University / Babylon Branch / Iraq