Reading in the Concept of AL-Muzammil and AL-Mudathir Between Quranic Views, Interpretive Opinions, and Prophetic Narrations

The first chapters of the Holy Quran are characterized, in a list of the chronological revelations,

by their short number of verses and their own style. This represents addressing the Prophet

(peace be upon him and his family). Their content is almost specific to him, whether by talking

to him, about him, or responding to the opponents of the Islamic call and those who deny it.

The chapters of Al-Muzammil and Al-Muddathir, which are considered among the first chapters

revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) in the Meccan era are studied. Their

discourse came with the Prophet in both of them through the phrases (O Muzammil and O Muddathir).

The interpretations differ in interpreting the concepts in these two Quranic chapters.

This study deals with the interpretations of both concepts, and how these concepts are transferred

to the Prophet’s biography from the moments of revelation.

  • - Lecturer: Nizar Naji Muhammad Al-Dihais
  • - Directorate of Education in Basrah/ Iraq