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It is a semi-annual refereed journal
concerned with the biography of the Prophet and its literature
Prof. Dr. `Adel Nathir Bari
In the name of Allah the Merciful Praise be to Almighty God, Lord of the whole Worlds, and the best prayer and peace be upon our master and Prophet, Abu al-Qasim Muhammad, and his good and pure family. Praise be to God, Who exalted Himself by His Power, brought nearness in His Power, The Giver of every spoils and bounty, The Revealer of every greatness and eternity. I praise Him for His abundant generosity and grace, and I trust Him as Protector and Sustainer. And I testify that Muhammad is His servant and His messenger, He sent Him to carry out His command, to end his apology and to offer his vows. And the best prayer and peace be upon his good and pure family whom He has chosen as evidence for His servants and as the beacon of His religion.
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Third Year